The fan draws cool air and CO2 into the grow chamber and expels heat.


The reflective interior disperses light effectively so your plant grows to it's fullest.


With a 12.5 diameter, you can fit this in a small spaces such as a closet, basement, or garage.


The exterior is dark. It's perfect for keeping light out when you want your plants to sleep.


Adjustable from 22" to 33". You can keep the light at the proper distance to maximize growth.


Water less frequently. Using our wicking system, you can provide consistent source of moisture to the plant roots.


Easily water the plant from the outside. Fill the water reservior through the the external watering hole.



Tailor the light schedule for vegetative growth or bloom. Set the timer for any period in 1/2 hour increments.

Fabric Pot

The fabric pot promotes air pruning your plant's roots to encourage vigorous growth and discourage root binding.

Customer Reviews

This bucket is awesome! I didn’t know what to expect when I purchased it, but upon receiving it and spending less than 10 minutes to get it set up, I fell in love! Shipping was also incredibly quick, just two or three days. With shipping being free, I was expecting to have to wait much longer for my space bucket to cross the country to get to me, but nope! I’m an electrician and very good with my hands, but I decided to go the route of buying a premade bucket for the sake of simplicity and not driving myself crazy with all of the different options available. And I’m so happy I did! Also check out their YouTube channel for any questions you may have regarding assembly, they have multiple in depth videos on setting your bucket up. Give this product a shot, it’s worth it!

-- Mike Delancey

It looks complicated, but it was ridiculously easy. Very quiet and not bright at all. After my wife saw it she said she wouldn’t mind it in the house. Honestly as I think about it, it’s better than I was expecting. Especially at the price. The seller offered great service and even gave me some really great resources and tips on my grow. He was very quick to answer my questions (and there were a lot lol)I highly recommend!!

-- Michael Holden