HMG Spacebucket V4 Assembly Instructions

This video gives step by step instructions on unpackaging and setting up our HMG- Space Bucket V4

HGM Spacebucket V1

This is our initial prototype of the space bucket. You can see how we make a space bucket. If you are feeling adventurous, you can build your own.

Installing Fan Bucker Adapater

This shows how you can use and install a pc fan adapter to a space bucket.

6 Steps to Turn Your Grow Bucket to a Self-watering System to make watering easier and more effective

This self-watering system is inexpensive and easy to implement and takes very little time to maintain. It will help you grow a richer root structure and a more productive plant. We are demonstrating 1 way to convert your grow bucket to a self water system.

A Guide to: Self-Watering Rose Bush in a Space Bucket

We grew roses in our space bucket. Take a look at our space bucket in action. We should how you can use our self-watering feature to grow your next plant. Note: use the self-watering feature once your plant has been transferred to the fabric grow bag and has a sufficient root structure.

Using your DIY Space Bucket Kit

This is a step-by-step video guide on how to use the Hoemade Grow Space Bucket Kit to build a Space Bucket. The kit comes with the majority of items you will need to build the space bucket except for a few tools and items you will have to pick up from the local hardware store.